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filter media for industrial applications

Some of the main business segments are:

                 - Asphalt mixing plants

                 - High-temperature dedusting

                 - Cement, gypsum and lime industry

                 - Chemical industry

                 - Bio mass and Coal-fired power stations

                 - Non-ferrous metal and steel production        

                 - Thermal waste treatment

Filter media


We offer a complete range of filter media meeting the highest requirements. All filter media can be perfectly adapted to the operating conditions by additional finishes and treatments.

High performance needlefelts for filtration:

* made of Polyphenylene sulphide (PPS)
* made of Polyimide
* made of Meta-Aramide
* made of homopolymer Polyacrilnitrile
* made of Polyester
* made of Polypropylene
* made of fibre blends
* antistatic / electrically conductive
* scrimless, made of different polymeres

Additional treatments are available to adapt the needlefelts perfectly to the operating conditions in the filtration plants.


For the production of filter cartridges we offer filter media treated to facilitate the pleating. They are available in different polymers​, cellulose or blends.

 f i l t e X provides a wide range of high-end solutions: for example, for filtration of raw gas or for product separation in production or transport processes.



In dry filtration and dust collection the felt is designed to produce maximum toughness (energy to rupture) and flex resistance (minimum stiffness) to give prolonged operating life. Extended life also results from control of pore size and permeability, thus avoiding premature blinding.​

Ready-to-install f i l t e X bags are suitable for all common cleaning systems regardless whether they are

                          - Jet-pulse
                          - Reverse-air
                          - Shaker filter

or other systems.

Provided the dust collector is operated under optimal conditions, the filter media can achieve a long operational life with dust emission levels that are often far below the legally prescribed limits. 

Particles are classified by size into coarse, medium, fine, very fine and fume. These particles include sticky, spherical, deformable, hygroscopic, barbed etc., and both chemical and mechanical finishes are available for these difficult dusts.

The gaseous conditions are defined by temperature, moisture content and dew point,  acid gas content and acid dew point, alkalinity etc. Whereas the dust determines the area weight and finish applied to the felt, the gaseous conditions determine the fibre type.

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Filtering Cartridges
Filtering bags

Filtex filtering cartridges has a wide variety of diameters, from 100 mm to 660mm, lengths up to 2000 mm.
Each pleated filter cartridges  can be equipped with over 100 models of fastening flanges. 

Inner mesh of metal/plastic 100% recyclable
Internal micro-stretched metal net
Internal metal net with hot melt pleat-lock

End caps:
metal or polymer coated
Vulcanised seal
Triangular seal
Square seal
Felt seal

Felt seal with square cross-section
Nitrile rubber seal with triangular cross-section
Neoprene seal with square cross-section
Media pleat spacing:
Innovative system to space the pleats of the filtering fabric with pleat-lock, pleats always open and at the same distance.


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