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OEM   Filtering cartridges
Industrial filtration and dust removal applications

Original equipments spare parts

round and polygonal dust filters,

silo-venting filters,

breather filters and

fume and dust filters.


As distribution partners for global leaders of dust removal and bulk handling equipments manufacturers, we can provide you with all the requisite original filter elements for :

OEM Filtering cartridges

Comprehensive range of genuine spare parts

Filters and dust removal systems

Infastaub GmbH
MiX Srl

For 50 years now Infastaub GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of dedusting solutions for the industry worldwide, providing complete and tailor-made solutions as customer requests.

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MiX Srl are leaders in their respective production sectors, capable of promoting the growth and development of the holding company and of future partners.

The Italian WAMGROUP is the global leader in the development and production of components for bulk goods technology. With over 2000 employees, WAM is a strong and reliable partner all over the world.

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