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Filtering cartridges
filter media for industrial applications

Dry fume and dust filtration


Filtex pleated filter cartridges are used successfully to filtering dusts derived from many working processes like:

- metallization, sandblasting, sandpaper grinding, deburring, powder coating systems
- milling, mixing, dosing, filling and packaging systems
- silo dust removal
- thermal cutting (Plasma & Laser cutting)
- dust intake
- pneumatic transport and bulk solids handling

In various industrial sectors 
Metal working
Powder coating

The production process or handling of the bulk solid products are generating dust.
Our Company is able to supply the most appropriate solutions for the filtration of dust and fumes derived from industrial processes.

The filtering surfaces of pleated filter cartridges are much larger compared to traditional filter bags.
Cartridge filters have great advantages over filter bags in particular applications: space savings, energy saving, high filtration efficiency, longer lifetime, quick maintenance. 

The Filtex product range of filtering cartridges is characterized by maximum flexibility.
Most obvious specifications of Filtex filter cartridges are: fast assembly, high quality manufacturing process, low consumption of compressed air for cleaning and competitive prices.
Manufactured only of top quality filtering media, such as: Polyester, Polypropylene, Cellulose, nanofiber and blends certified by the German IFA-BGIA Institute.  
Comprehensive range of finishing treatments that includes: Teflon-coating, waterproofing, oil-proofing, flame-retardant, anti-static coating, etc.
Filtex filtering cartridges has a wide variety of diameters, from 100 mm to 660mm, lengths up to 2000 mm.
Each pleated filter cartridges  can be equipped with over 100 models of fastening flanges. 

Filtering cartridges

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DIN series cartridges are available in a variety of diameters, heights,fabrics and filtering surfaces.
Can be coupled to simplify the assembly operations.
DIN cartridges can be assembled both from above and from below.
Particularly indicated for filtration in different uses like: sandblasting, powder coating, grinding and in food and chemical applications.


Open/open cartridges, open/closed cartridges with central hole, cylindrical or conical, single or double seal, with inner or external netting.

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The cartridges of the P –P and BA series stand out for their rapidity in assembly and disassembly.
Made in different diameters, heights, fabrics and filtering surfaces.
Compatible with all models on the market, they are particularly indicated for the filtration of dusts derived from metal workings, powder mixing, pneumatic transport, bulk solids handling. 
The assembly can be made both from above and from below, the gaskets are vulcanized for a better mechanical and chemical resistance.

ABS or aluminium flange, 3 or 4 fasteners,
assembly on the clean air or dirty air side.

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The FOOD series cartridges are produced with non-toxic materials in order to be used safely in environments like the food, pharmaceutical and chemical ones. 
The fixing flanges are made of non-toxic white polyurethane, while metal mesh and bottom caps are made of AISI 304/316L stainless steel.
Available in different filtering teflon coated, antistatic and membrane coated fabrics.

Cartridges for the food industry, use of
non-toxic components and materials in line FDA standards.

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Interchangeable cartridges with filtering bags,
assembly from above or below, available up to 2 metres high.

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The SNAP RING cartridges are particularly indicated for the replacement
of traditional fi ltering bags on old generation systems, improving the filtration effi ciency and considerably increasing the available filtering surface.
For new design systems, SNAP RING series cartridges offer many advantages like: assembly and disassembly rapidity, development in height (up to 2000 mm) with consequent dimension reduction, pneumatic cleaning excellent results. They are particularly indicated in filtration uses like silos venting, mills, cement factories.

ATEX series cartridges are produced with certifi ed antistatic filtering fabrics.
ATEX regulation imposes to use only filtering fabrics whose antistatic and quality levels are certified by an authorized institute.
The certifi cation in object allows to use fi ltering medias in ATEX set. This filtering fabric series is used in environments at risk of explosion and/or fire. All the ATEX range is supplied together with
a copy of the certifi cate in object.


Cartridges certified in accordance with ATEX standards,
full guarantee for environments with an explosion hazard.

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Filtering panels are components characterized by a very firm structure, a big filtering surface and an excellent performance in the cleaning phase.
Available in different versions and heights, they are particularly indicated for metal thermal cutting dusts, welding fumes and fine particles.

Wide range of filtering panels.


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Threaded series cartridges are made up considering specific needs of the filtration sector. The low pleat depth allows a better cleaning, especially with dusts particularly diffi cult to treat, the threaded flange allows a quick manual assembly/disassembly without the use of tools, the small dimensions allow to get small dimension systems.
Available in different diameters, heights and filtering fabrics.


Threaded cartridges with 60, 72, 100 mm threaded flange, full range.

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This cartridge series is made up of a wide range of models equivalent and interchangeable with all most widespread models on the industrial air filtration world market.
Thanks to our fl exibility, we are able to supply in a very short time cartridges compatible in all heights, diameters, surfaces and fi ltering fabrics.
The excellent finish, the high material quality and the perfect compatibility characterize this series.

Cartridges that can be interchanged, we ensure they are 100% equivalent.


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Filtering cartridges come with a number of accessories, such as internal and external venturi pipes, precoating with Aerosil powder, support flanges, cleaning systems, etc.


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