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Filter bags
filter media for industrial applications

Dry fume and dust filtration


We offer a complete range of filter media meeting the highest requirements and high customization level in the production process of the filtering bags.
All filter bags and production steps are checked according to quality test plan.

All needlefelts filter materials used to manufacture of the filter bags can be perfectly adapted to the operating conditions by additional finishes and treatments. This significantly improves service life, cleaning behaviour, dust cake formation and mechanical and chemical resistance.

Filtex supplies filter bags for any dry filtering application, filter elements for all types of dust reduction equipment (pulse-jet cleaning systems, reverse air cleaning systems, mechanical regeneration)

Filter bags

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Our experience covers applications in the following market segments:

Cement, Lime and Plaster - Building Materials
Ferrous metalworking 
Non-ferrous metalworking 
Coated materials for road surfaces - asphalt plants
Glass and ceramics 
Food processing

production of paints and pigments
wood industry, etc.

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