f i l t e X


Business elegance and power

 f i l t e X  is developing, manufacturing and selling filtration media for technical applications.​

Innovation and development of new filtration media and services are the driving forces behind our ambitions and our strategy. Each development and each action take into account the social and environmental aspects concerned. Optimal production processes are not only ensuring the quality of our products but do also contribute to the protection of the environment.

The needs and requirements of our customers are in the centre of our work. Next to constant orientation on the market, this means a maximum of flexibility. Intensive expert advice at the beginning and close contact during realization of projects make our service support complete. By doing so, we build a personal business relationship which is meant to last.

 f i l t e X is the leading provider of filter media for industrial filtration, product filtration and solid/liquid separation.

Our company is constantly evolving and growing.

Our mission is to provide the best filtration solutions.